Ethics and compliance

Our Strategy

With the strategy “We are Integrity Influencers” we promote a culture of corporate integrity aligned with our values of ethics, transparency and passion for service.

At Puerto Bahía We Are Integrity Influencers

Continuous Improvement

We apply the Best Practices in Compliance, incorporating into the procedures the recommendations of international organizations to contribute to an ethical maritime and port sector.

Code of Conduct and Corporate Ethics

Our Code of Corporate Conduct and Ethics is an establishment to direct our conduct and that of those third parties with whom we interact. Adherence to it ensures our growth, supports our daily activities, and further advances the company's positioning and reputation.

We invite you to read our Code of Conduct and corporate ethics.

ML and TF Prevention Manual

Our manual defines the mechanisms and controls necessary to protect Puerto Bahía from being used directly or through its operations as an instrument for Money Laundering, financing of terrorism, financing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

and related crimes.

We invite you to read our ML and TF Prevention Manual

Ethics Line

We are committed to the highest possible standards of access, honesty and accountability. In line with that commitment, we established an anonymous and confidential online reporting tool through which staff and third parties can report serious ethical, fraud or criminal matters to the company without fear of discrimination or disadvantage.

In accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Policy, the information filed will be captured and presented anonymously to the Ethics and Compliance Officer and the Ethics Committee. No We will tolerate any type of retaliation.

We have hired the services of an independent service provider, NAVEX GLOBAL, who will receive complaints and concerns about situations that represent violations of the Code of Conduct and Corporate Ethics. Through the ethics line, complaints can be submitted anonymously and they will be processed under the highest standards of security and confidentiality.

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